3-pun Instant no Chinmoku
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga
Released 2016
Author ICHINASHI Kimi. Trans indo : Erena/Lan Yue
Serialization LiQulle (Overlap)
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3-pun Instant no Chinmoku

3 Минуты молчания, 3분 인스턴트의 침묵, 3分インスタントの沈黙, Sanpun Instant no Chinmoku, The Silence of the 3 Minute Instant

Synopsis 3-pun Instant no Chinmoku

From Exiled Rebels Scans:
Toujou Aki lives with his younger step-brother, Saku who is a university student. Instead of going home to sleep though, Saku will stay out with as many women as possible, to the point of being a man-whore. Aki, on the other hand, has a deep hatred for women, enough to make him nauseous being around them. Aki’s one secret is that he would do anything for his brother. No matter what it is. However, everything can change in an instant during the silence of three minutes.